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+What is Bidsnship?

Bidsnship provides a free online marketplace that instantly brings together Shippers who need to ship shipments with reputable logistics providers of their region.

+How does Bidsnship work?

Bidsnship allow shippers to find best freight rates for their shipments. Using Bidsnship, shippers enter origin and destination, dates and quantity to be shipped to get rates. They book the deal they want.

+What will it cost me to use your website?

Completely free for Direct Shippers to post shipments and receive bids. Freight Forwarders/Customs Brokers only pay a small matching fee after shipper awarded shipment to them.

+How is billing handled between a shipper and Forwarder who arrange a shipment matched on Bidsnship.

Once the shipper awards the shipment and the Forwarder accepts the shipment, Bidsnship shares each party’s contact information with the other party and its role is complete. You arrange payment terms as normally would with a new forwarder or shipper.

+How do you determine if a Forwarder or a Customs broker is qualified to join Bidsnship?

Forwarder applicants to bidsnship must have accreditation from various Authorities like IATA, ACCAI etc., Customs Broker applicants to Bidsnship must have valid Customs broker License as per Customs Brokers Licensing Regulations (CBLR), 2013 & Membership of Customs Association of their region.

+What do I do in case of a dispute (i.e. the shipper does not pay or the Forwarder is late or does not pick up the load)?

We recommend that you handle disputes the same way that you do currently. In addition, we offer a feedback system where all parties can leave positive and negative feedback.

+How do I know if a Forwarder or shipper is safe to do business with through the site?

We have a community rating system for users to rate other parties based on the quality of service they received. This way you get objective and community based information to help you make the best business decisions while using the platform. We also show you flags relating forwarders accreditations, memberships & awards to help you to decide reliability of Forwarder.

+Who controls freight rates?

Freight Forwarders Control pricing, NOT Bidsnship. Forwarders enter the rates they want. Shipper will see multiple freight quotes from multiple Forwarders, so it’s important to be competitive.

+What are Bidsnship’ eligibility requirements for Forwarders membership?

All Forwarders companies signing up on the Bidsnship are vetted prior to membership to ensure they are legitimate businesses in good standing. Carriers must meet the following minimal requirements to be accepted as members: Three years in business
Membership of Associations
Positive credit check
Industry or client references

+What are your hours of operation?

Bidsnship’s business office is open Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm IST. During our regular business hours, you may reach us by online chat with one of our Customer Service agents. We strive to respond to all support requests in a timely manner and you should hear back from us within one business day of submitting your request.

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Bidsnship seeks to aid both sides of the logistics business – shippers of commercial shipments and the Freight Forwarders/Customs Brokers who cater services.

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